Video Review: Foo Fighters “Concrete And Gold”

It’s hard not to like Foo Fighters. After all, Dave Grohl seems to have perfected the balance of being both a respectable rocker as well as “Mr. Nice Guy.” He clearly loves what he does and seems to show great respect for his fans and rock and roll in general.

That being said, I’m not sure the last Foo Fighters album was a fully baked effort. Sonic Highways was more of a grand—if not noble—experiment. It wasn’t the best collection of tunes the band had ever put out, but at least it was interesting.

Now, Foo Fighters have returned with their ninth studio album, Concrete And Gold. How does it measure up to the rest of their catalog? Check out our video review!

And as a bonus for those of you who are all-digital, here’s what an actual CD looks like: