Twin Peaks Returns With Twin Soundtrack Albums

When Twin Peaks came out in 1990, I was a huge fan. It was just the kind of dark, weird, Twilight Zone kind of show that appealed perfectly to my tastes in cinematic storytelling.

I was also an aspiring synthesizer player at the time, so the haunting soundtrack for the show by Angelo Badalamenti also commanded my attention. I loved the ethereal sound he created for the show’s dreamscape visuals. I bought the Twin Peaks soundtrack album, as well as the Julee Cruise album, Floating Into The Night, that set otherworldly vocals against the familiar, haunting music.

So while I count myself among the millions of Twin Peaks fans excited to watch the new revival series, I’m also looking forward to listening to it.

Thankfully (and predictably), a soundtrack release for the new Twin Peaks is planned. In fact, there will be two releases: Twin Peaks (Music From The Limited Event Series) and Twin Peaks (Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack). One will feature selections from the score by Angelo Badalamenti, while the other will contain songs featured in the show, including this song featured in the debut by Chromatics.

And here is the iconic theme music as heard in the new Twin Peaks opening credits.

Both albums are set for release on September 8 on CD, vinyl and digital.