The Nine Inch Nails “Physical Component” To Add Violence EP Is Here!

Last month, Nine Inch Nails released Add Violence, the second EP in a trilogy that began with Not The Actual Events back in December. As with the first EP, NIN offered a mysterious “physical component” for fans to order along with the digital download of the music.

The physical component for Not The Actual Events turned out to be a series of photographic prints coated in a messy, ink toner like substance. The packaging for that component explicitly warned fans “This will make a mess.”

Now, with a new, mysterious physical component announced to accompany the Add Violence EP, fans were anxious to see what Trent Reznor had in store for them next… and would it contain hazardous materials?

Rest assured, there are no messy or hazardous substances with this new physical component, which will be arriving in fans’ mailboxes at any moment.

Here’s what’s in the package:

This Quick Reference Guide has a cardstock cover that folds open to reveal a 15 page guide book, a schematic reference sheet, three random peel-and-stick plastic industrial labels, and a sheet of “ADD VIOLENCE” replacement labels. One of the panels also features a Null Corporation label with a model number and serial number. It is unclear yet if these are unique per-package or if they may unlock any additional features somewhere online.

It wouldn’t be Nine Inch Nails without a warning.

So what does it all mean? Your guess is as good as mine.