St. Vincent Plots Masseduction For October

Note to self: Go check out all the music St. Vincent released before her self-titled 2014 album.

Sorry about that. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. St. Vincent was an artist that wasn’t really on my radar for the longest time. But after her 2014 release, she started getting a lot of buzz that was hard to ignore. Not that I was trying to ignore her, I just hadn’t had a chance to get acquainted with her music. And when I did listen to St. Vincent, it ended up being one of my favorite albums of the year.

So I’m excited to report that the follow-up album has officially been announced. Masseduction is scheduled for release on October 13. Here’s the first two songs shared from the album:

Meanwhile, it is high time I got around to listening to the rest of her music. I’ll get right on that…

Here is the complete track list for Masseduction:

01. Hang on Me
02. Pills
03. Masseduction
04. Sugarboy
05. Los Ageless
06. Happy Birthday, Johnny
07. Savior
08. New York
09. Fear The Future
10. Young Lover
11. Dancing with a Ghost
12. Slow Disco
13. Smoking Section