“Singles” Soundtrack Gets a Second Helping of Grunge

When “Singles” came out in 1992, it was very much a rite of passage for a generation in terms of both the film and its music. So many of the Gen X crowd who came of age watching John Hughes movies and trying to create an alternative music scene out of 80s new wave radio hits were in college or graduating, looking out at the real world and asking “WTF?”

Not that “Singles” was the most accurate representation of this. But it did recognize a moment in time (the birth of grunge) and commercialized it to great success. It took the gritty, dirty, underground sound coming out of Seattle and sanitized it for the masses.

It was a film that could only be made in a pre-1994 world… before Kurt Cobain’s suicide.

On May 19, the soundtrack for “Singles” will be re-released as a new two-disc deluxe edition. In addition to the original collection featuring hits(?) by Alice In Chains, Paul Westerberg and Pearl Jam, the second disc adds a mix of unreleased, live and rare tracks by many of the same acts on the classic soundtrack.

The complete track list is below. Click here to pre-order.

Disc 1:

1. Alice in Chains – Would?
2. Pearl Jam – Breath
3. Chris Cornell – Seasons
4. Paul Westerberg – Dyslexic Heart
5. The Lovemongers – Battle of Evermore
6. Mother Love Bone – Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns
7. Soundgarden – Birth Ritual
8. Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust
9. Mudhoney – Overblown
10. Paul Westerberg – Waiting for Somebody
11. Jimi Hendrix – May This Be Love
12. Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You
13. The Smashing Pumpkins – Drown

Disc 2:

1. Citizen Dick – Touch Me I’m Dick
2. Chris Cornell – Nowhere But You
3. Chris Cornell- Spoonman
4. Chris Cornell – Flutter Girl
5. Chris Cornell – Missing
6. Alice in Chains – Would?
7. Alice in Chains – It Ain’t Like That
8. Soundgarden – Birth Ritual
9. Paul Westerberg – Dyslexic Heart
10. Paul Westerberg – Waiting for Somebody
11. Mudhoney – Overblown
12. Truly – Heart and Lungs
13. Blood Circus – Six Foot Under
14. Mike McCready – Singles Blues 1
15. Paul Westerberg – Blue Heart
16. Paul Westerberg – Lost in Emily’s Woods
17. Chris Cornell – Ferry Boat #3
18. Chris Cornell – Score Piece #4