Second Nine Inch Nails Trilogy EP Promises To Add Violence

With just a vague, two-word tweet, Trent Reznor had all the Nine Inch Nails fans bound up in anticipation for six days.

Of course, ever since Reznor announced that the second in a trilogy of EPs would be released in advance of the band’s summer festival performances (starting July 23), we’ve known an announcement was imminent. Last week’s tweet wasn’t entirely cryptic or unexpected… just lacking in specifics.

Well, “next week” officially arrived today! Here’s “Less Than,” the opening track from the new Nine Inch Nails EP, Add Violence.

If the droning, reverb washed sound of Not The Actual Events was not the NIN you were hoping for back in December, this song will probably be a welcome return to a pulsing synth-based sound. Will the other four tracks on Add Violence have a similar sound? We’ll find out when the EP drops in just over a week on July 21.

Here’s the track list for Add Violence:

01. Less Than
02. The Lovers
03. This Isn’t the Place
04. Not Anymore
05. The Background World

Similar to the preceding EP, this one is being offered on vinyl as well as digitally with a “physical component.” As we now know, that physical component should not be expected to be a CD, and no CD release has been announced. What will the physical component actually be? Anything is possible.

Pre-orders are available now on the Nine Inch Nails website.

UPDATE 7/18: A second song from the new EP has now been shared: