Review: Nine Inch Nails Summons “Bad Witch” To Complete Trilogy

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The trilogy is now complete!

The past two years have been an interesting journey for Nine Inch Nails fans. It all started with the surprise EP release of Not The Actual Events at the end of 2016. Then in June 2017, it was announced that that EP had been the first of a trilogy. The second chapter, Add Violence, was released the following month, with Trent Reznor telling fans to expect to expect the final installment by the end of the year.

Well, that deadline came and went, leaving anxious fans to wonder when they might finally see new music. The answer came in May 2018 with the announcement of Bad Witch, and the unusual first single, “God Break Down The Door.”

Then came the controversy over Reznor’s announcement that Bad Witch would be an album rather than an EP… yet it still had a runtime of barely 30 minutes. Turns out there’s a very good reason for calling it an album, though. I’ll talk about that and more in this video.

Here, at long last, is my review of Bad Witch: