Return To Guyville: Liz Phair Revisits Her Masterpiece

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If you haven’t listened to and fallen in love/lust with Exile In Guyville by Liz Phair, stop everything and go track down that album! It’s an all-time classic, and it deserves to be in any music collection.

I don’t think, though, that Girly-Sound To Guyville is the place you should start.

Yes, this new three disc deluxe edition contains Liz Phair’s amazing debut album… a record I’d probably call one of my desert island discs. I even included it in the Great 28.

But like most special editions, Girly-Sound To Guyville is made for the fans, not the newcomers. For fans, this is probably a must-own release. But if you’re new to Guyville, you should probably stick with the album-only version… for now.

Watch my review for my explanation: