Moby Trolls Trump With Surprise Album Release

Electronic artist Moby has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump since before the election. Now, as the surprise immediate release of a new album is being announced, he’s taking that criticism to a new level.

In May 2016, The Washington Post reported on an incident from 1991 in which Donald Trump allegedly posed as fake PR representative named John Miller during a phone interview.

Fast forward to today, June 12, 2017. “John Miller” has emerged from years of silence, apparently inspired by the release of a new, free-to-download album from Moby. More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse is the second collaborative project between Moby and the Void Pacific Choir. Both More Fast Songs and the first album, These Systems Are Failing are both available to download at no cost.

Here is the statement from John Miller… a.k.a. Moby:


from the desk of john miller:

to whome it may concerned,

the moby artist, who is old and sad, is putting out albums number 2 with the void pacific choirs – apparently “MORE FAST SONGS ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE.”

i can’t say i like it but it’s there.  they made album #1 last year before my boss, donald j. trump (who is a real person, just like me) became the president of the united states. moby artist was invited to inauguration(BIGGEST) but he didn’t.  the first album they released is very noisy…as is this second album, just see the title, pretty clear.  but it’s like they hate america and think it’s NOT GREAT AGAIN.  so, don’t listen to this as i won’t be listening, even though they are giving it away for free! idiots!

apocalypse?  i don’t see real horsies anywhere? SAD.

john miller

(I’m such an incredible publicist, that Steven Colbert(FAKE NEWS) and John Oliver(FAKE NEWS) LOVE ME!)


That right there is some epic trolling!