Maroon 5 Keyboardist PJ Morton Serves Up Some Tasty Gumbo

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With most successful bands, it’s the frontman that always seems to get all the attention and credit for the music. The rest of the group rarely gets the credit they deserve for their contribution to the overall sound.

Take Maroon 5, for example. Singer Adam Levine is always the one in the spotlight, while the rest of the band tends to fade into the background. That’s a shame, because there’s some truly talented musicians in the group.

Keyboardist PJ Morton is one of those musicians, and he’s got a voice and sound that deserve to be heard in their own right.

For what it’s worth, Morton’s solo work doesn’t sound at all like Maroon 5. In fact, when I first heard his music, I had no idea he was connected to the band. That’s probably a good thing.

Recently, Morton released a pair of new projects. Gumbo is his latest studio album, while More Gumbo is a live album and video of the same music. Both are well worth checking out!

Here’s my review: