Introducing Great 28: One Great Album Per Day In February, Starting With Ryan Adams

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It’s February first, and I’m kicking off a month-long series today called Great 28. Every day this month, I’ll post a short video highlighting one album from my collection and what makes it great. I’m going to try to avoid the obvious ones… the classics, so to speak… and focus more on the albums that for whatever reason have had an impact on me personally.

I’ll be picking one artist for each letter of the alphabet and talk about one of their albums that really resonates with me. To round out the Great 28, I’ll also be picking one artist that uses a number in their name, as well as one soundtrack album.

By the end of the month, well… I’ll be exhausted. But hopefully I’ll have turned you on to at least a few albums or artists you haven’t checked out before. And I’ll look forward to hearing your feedback along the way.

Here we go!

DAY ONE: Ryan AdamsHeartbreaker” [Amazon | iTunes]


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