Haim planning summer release for “Days Are Gone” follow-up

As exciting as it would be to have a new Haim album right now (or a year ago… or two…), you can’t help but wonder how the sister trio will avoid a sophomore slump.

To their credit, after spending years crafting their excellent debut (“Days Are Gone” in 2013), they seem to be spending as much time or more on the follow-up. And although in 2016 they teased a couple new songs on the road, and in 2015 even performed as part of Morris Day and the Haim, there’s still no new album in sight.

Now the Haim sisters appear to be planning a summer release of their new full-length, according to Entertainment Weekly. The new record sees the band once again teaming with producer Ariel Rechtshaid, as well as ex-Vampire and indie-darling Rostam Batmanglij. These are promising pairings, to be sure. But will they be able to match the brilliance of their debut, or are those days truly gone?

Read the full (but short) article here.

Meanwhile, why not revisit Haim’s energetic 2013 performance on Saturday Night Live?

Of course, that episode also featured the girls in a music-related cameo also worth another look.