Groundbreaking kd lang Album Expanded For 25th Anniversary

Throughout her career, k.d. lang has been an artist determined to defy genre definitions. While her early music fell primarily into the country category, her 1992 breakthrough album Ingénue was a spectacular hybrid of genres that made it a sonic statement for the ages. Her biggest hit from the record was even “stolen” by The Rolling Stones!

The Ingénue: 25th Anniversary Edition, scheduled for release on July 7, expands that classic album across two discs. The remastered original album occupies disc one, while her 1993 MTV Unplugged performance, previously unreleased in its entirety, is on disc two.

Here is the full track list for Ingénue: 25th Anniversary Edition:

Disc 1: Ingénue Remastered

01. Save Me
02. The Mind of Love
03. Miss Chaletaine
04. Wash Me Clean
05. So It Shall Be
06. Still Thrives This Love
07. Season of Hollow Soul
08. Outside Myself
09. Tears of Love’s Recall
10. Constant Craving

Disc 2: MTV Unplugged

01. Save Me
02. The Mind of Love
03. So It Shall Be
04. Miss Chaletaine
05. Season of Hollow Soul
06. Wash Me Clean
07. Constant Craving
08. Still Thrives This Love