Death Cab For Cutie Says “Thank You For Today”

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Over the course of their 20-plus year career, Death Cab For Cutie have risen to become one of the preeminent bands of indie rock. I’m not sure they should even be considered indie rock at this point.

Central to the band’s success, of course, is singer/songwriter Ben Gibbard. His voice has become one of the most unique and identifiable in all of rock music, leading many music fans to the conclusion that Death Cab For Cutie IS Ben Gibbard.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a fair assessment, but it’s never been truer than on Thank You For Today. On their ninth album, the band presses forward without longtime guitarist Chris Walla, leaving Gibbard to do most of the heavy lifting on his own.

Does it still sound like DCFC, or have we truly reached peak Gibbard? Check out my review: