Be Kind To Frank Turner. You Won’t Regret it.

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You should really check out the music of Frank Turner.

I want to say that right up front because chances are he’s not an artist you’re familiar with. (If he is, though, then good on ya!) I know when I’ve covered lesser-known artists in the past, a lot of people don’t give them a try. People tend to gravitate toward the mainstream acts with huge name recognition.

Although Frank Turner is far from a household name, those who have discovered his music have often become die-hard fans. To that end, he could be one of rock’s best kept secrets.

In any case, he’s got a new album out called Be More Kind. It’s pretty good! It’s not his best… which is to say that if you like this one, I think you’ll really like some of his previous albums!

Here’s what I have to say about Be More Kind: