Who Would Charge $50K For A Box Set? Gene Simmons, Of Course!

Every music fan loves a good box set. Over the past few years, super deluxe sets have become more and more common. The recent super deluxe set from The Beatles was a treasure trove of music for long time fans. The epic Early Years box set from Pink Floyd was actually more of a box set filled with box sets, which were actually released separately earlier this year.

But Gene Simmons from KISS has just raised the bar for all box sets. He’s just announced The Gene Simmons Vault, a ten disc box set that literally comes in a vault. The set contains over 150 unreleased songs spanning 50 years, as well as the prerequisite hardcover book, various swag items including a Gene Simmons action figure, and other unique surprises.

Oh, and by the way, for $50k, Gene will personally deliver The Vault to your house.

Obviously, that’s a lot of money for a CD box set, so Gene also offers a couple more affordable options. For $25,000 you can meet Gene at the studio to pick up your box set. Or for just $2,000 you can attend “The Vault Experience” at select cities around the world to get your own Vault and have a five minute meet and greet with Gene.

Here’s the man himself with all the details:

Ready to buy? Head on over to GeneSimmonsVault.com to place your order!