Vinyl? That’s Cute. Dan Auerbach Is Putting Out Music On 8-Track Tape

Yes, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys has announced a new solo album. We’ll get to the details in a sec. But first…

It is the year 2017, and new music is coming out on 8-track.


Is your hipster mind blown? You thought vinyl was cool? News flash: vinyl is dead! Long live tape!

And since you can’t buy an 8-track player at Urban Outfitters (yet), this album is being sold in a bundle that actually includes a vintage 8-track player. When your friends see this baby prominently sitting on your Ikea bookshelf, it will send them scrambling to the nearest thrift shop on a quest for their next hi-fi investment.

Oh, incidentally, vinyl and CD will also be available for the non-hip music buyer.

Anyway… Dan Auerbach.

Waiting On A Song is Auerbach’s first solo album since 2009. It also follows the 2015 debut of Auerbach’s side-project The Arcs and their album Yours, Dreamily. (Which is well worth checking out.) The last Black Keys album was Turn Blue in 2014.

Here is the track list for Waiting On A Song, which comes out June 2:

01. Waiting On A Song
02. Malibu Man
03. Livin’ In Sin
04. Shine On Me
05. King Of A One Horse Town
06. Never In My Wildest Dreams
07. Cherrybomb
08. Stand By My Girl
09. Undertow
10. Show Me

Meanwhile, here’s the video for the first single, “Shine On Me.”