Video Review: “Science Fiction” by Brand New

One of the most buzzed about new albums of the year has to be Science Fiction by Brand New. It’s been eight years since their last album, and rumors abound that this release may be their last.

Naturally, when an album gets this much buzz, more people pay attention. I’m certainly guilty of that. But what surprises me in this case is that somehow this band that just scored a number one album, and has released four more albums prior… has never attracted my attention before.

How is it I’ve never listened to Brand New before? In the back of my brain, I think I knew they existed, but that’s about it.

So I decided to dive into the new album from the perspective of a first-time Brand New listener. Ultimately, that’s exactly what I am. You’ll find plenty of other reviews of this album online that will talk about how Science Fiction compares with the rest of the Brand New discography, but I’ve never listened to any of those albums.

If you’re like me (there’s got to be a few of you out there) and you’ve never listened to Brand New before, but all this talk about the new album has made you curious, this review is for you.