Video: Make Your Own CD Slipcase For Box Set Discs

Here’s a true first world problem: My super deluxe box sets don’t fit in my CD shelves!

I love a great box set as much as any music fan. It’s always fun to open it up for the first time, admire the elaborate packaging, flip through the book full of behind the scenes photos, ponder the curious swag items, and most importantly, decide which disc to listen to first.

But be honest. How often do you revisit any of those box set contents other than the discs themselves? Ultimately, the music (and sometimes video) is what you really bought the set for. So doesn’t it make sense for you to store that music conveniently alongside the rest of your discs by that artist?

In this short “how to” video, I’ll show you a cheap and simple way to make a CD slipcase that easily fits into your music collection and can contain all the discs from your box set.