U2 Announce 30th Anniversary Joshua Tree Set… But Is It Worth It?

Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of The Joshua Tree by U2. Considering the fact that the band recently announced a tour to celebrate the classic album, it is really no surprise that they would also be releasing a deluxe anniversary version of this classic on CD and vinyl.

The Joshua Tree: 30th Anniversary Edition comes out June 2, 2017 in various formats. In addition to the original album, the super deluxe sets will include a 1987 concert from Madison Square Garden and a collection of B-sides, outtakes and new remixes. There will also be a 2 CD set with the album and the concert.

If you’re a U2 fan that already owns the 2 CD deluxe edition of The Joshua Tree that was released ten years ago (as part of the reissue series with hardcover minibooks in slipcases), it is worth noting that the disc of B-sides in this new set is almost identical to what was released before. The single mix for “Where The Streets Have No Name” is missing, but in its place we get “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Lillywhite Alternative Mix ’87)” and “One Tree Hill Reprise (Brian Eno 2017 Mix).” Otherwise, the other 13 tracks from the 2007 disc of B-sides are repeated in the 2017 set.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the price. The 4 CD super deluxe set is a whopping $120. When you consider the fact that the 2011 super deluxe edition of Achtung Baby contained ten discs (both CD and DVD) for around $150, it’s hard not to feel a bit cheated by what passes for super deluxe in 2017.

Ultimately, if you already have the 2007 deluxe edition of The Joshua Tree, you’ll probably get the best value buying the new 2 CD version in order to get the concert. You’ll miss out on the two tracks mentioned above, as well as the six 2017 remixes on the fourth CD. But you’ll save about a hundred bucks. If you want to order the 2007 deluxe 2 CD version of The Joshua Tree, you can click here.

Here’s the complete track list for the 2 CD edition:

CD 1 – The Joshua Tree double album

01. Where The Streets Have No Name
02. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
03. With Or Without You
04. Bullet The Blue Sky
05. Running To Stand Still
06. Red Hill Mining Town
07. In God’s Country
08. Trip Through Your Wires
09. One Tree Hill
10. Exit
11. Mothers Of The Disappeared

CD2 – The Joshua Tree Live at Madison Square Garden 1987

01. Where The Streets Have No Name
02. I Will Follow
03. Trip Through Your Wires
04. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
05. MLK
06. Bullet The Blue Sky
07. Running To Stand Still
08. In God’s Country
09. Sunday Bloody Sunday
10. Exit
11. October
12. New Year’s Day
13. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
14. With Or Without You
15. Party Girl
16. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
17. “40”

The super deluxe edition adds the following discs:

CD3 – The Joshua Tree Remixes

01. One Tree Hill (St Francis Hotel Remix)
02. Bullet The Blue Sky (Jacknife Lee Remix)
03. Running To Stand Still (Daniel Lanois Remix)
04. Red Hill Mining Town (Steve Lillywhite 2017 Mix)
05. With Or Without You (Daniel Lanois Remix)
06. Where The Streets Have No Name (Flood Remix)

CD4 – The Joshua Tree B-Sides & Outtakes

01. Luminous Times (Hold On To Love)
02. Walk To The Water
03. Spanish Eyes
04. Deep In The Heart
05. Silver And Gold
06. Sweetest Thing
07. Race Against Time
08. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Lillywhite Alternative Mix ’87)
09. One Tree Hill Reprise (Brian Eno 2017 Mix)
10. Silver and Gold
11. Beautiful Ghost/Introduction To Songs Of Experience
12. Wave Of Sorrow (Birdland)
13. Desert Of Our Love
14. Rise Up
15. Drunk Chicken/America

Full details and pre-ordering information is available on the U2 website.