Three New “Supergroups” You May Find Interesting (And A Bonus Group!)

The term “supergroup,” more often than not, seems to be a bit of a hyperbole when used to describe what are ultimately “team-up” projects. If you describe an act as a supergroup, my reaction to hearing the member line-up should be one of OMG! Usually, my reaction is… “interesting.”

As a point of reference, look at the lineup for the Traveling Wilburys. Would anyone argue that they are not the very definition of “supergroup”? Does that mean anything less is unworthy of our attention? Not at all! But let’s keep the rhetoric in check, shall we?

With that in mind, there’s two new so-called supergroups that have been announced recently that strike me as interesting.

First, there’s Filthy Friends, which features Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney and Peter Buck of R.E.M. Their debut album, called Invitation, is set for release on August 25. The first single, “The Arrival,” definitely sounds more like Sleater-Kinney than R.E.M., due in no small part to Tucker’s distinctive lead vocals. Check it out below:

Next up is a supergroup with more of a classic rock pedigree. Pair Stuart Copeland’s (The Police) drums and Adrian Belew’s (King Crimson, Frank Zappa, David Bowie) guitar and you get Gizmodrome. The name sounds like a wild carnival ride, and so does the music. Their self-titled album comes out on September 15. Here’s your first taste.

Finally, we have 5 Billions In Diamonds, which is an alt-rock supergrop formed by Garbage drummer (and Nirvana producer) Butch Vig. The project features members of Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Goldfrapp, Massive Attack and The Ocean Blue. The group’s self-titled album drops on August 11. Check out the trippy single, “I’m Becoming You.”

Super? Interesting? Super interesting? The choice is yours.


What do you get when Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Tim Armstrong of Rancid team up for a new punk band along with Billie’s son Joey Armstrong and Tim’s nephew Rey Armstrong? If you guessed anything other than Armstrongssigh. There may or may not be an album at some point from this quartet, but for now they are contributing the song “If There Ever Was A Time” to the soundtrack to a new documentary, Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk. Feel free to mosh to this: