The Jesus and Mary Chain bring “Damage and Joy” in 2017

After a nearly 20 year absence, The Jesus and Mary Chain will return in 2017 with new music. “Damage and Joy” is scheduled for release on March 24. Check out the lead single and full track listing for the album below:

01. ‘Amputation’
02. ‘War On Peace’
03. ‘All Things Pass’
04. ‘Always Sad’
05. ‘Songs For A Secret’
06. ‘The Two Of Us’
07. ‘Los Feliz (Blues and Greens)’
08. ‘Mood Rider’
09. ‘Presidici (Et Chapaquiditch)’
10. ‘Get On Home’
11. ‘Facing Up To The Facts’
12. ‘Simian Split’
13. ‘Black And Blues’
14. ‘Can’t Stop The Rock’

There’s no word yet on whether that last track is a cover of Apollo 440.