Sort-Of-New Ryan Adams Album Streaming Right Now!

Man, I love me some Ryan Adams! I’m a huge fan.

But not huge enough that I’m going to buy his super cool, super expensive vinyl only deluxe box set for his latest album Prisoner. (See my Track X Track review here.) Even if the price wasn’t an issue, I’m not a vinyl guy, and there’s not a CD version. So I’d pretty much given up on getting to listen to the extra B-sides that were vinyl exclusives in the Prisoner deluxe box set.

But then…

It’s kind of a “sucks to be you” situation for anyone who dropped a Benjamin for the box set. But for the rest of us, this is like getting a whole new Ryan Adams album!

Scroll on down and stream away, or search for Ryan Adams Prisoner (B-Sides) in the Amazon Music, Apple Music or Spotify app on your mobile device of choice.

Here’s the track list:

01. Where Will You Run?
02. Juli
03. Are You Home?
04. No Words
05. Halo
06. It Will Never Be The Same
07. What If We’re Wrong
08. Broken Things
09. Stop You
10. Hanging On To Hope
11. Let It Burn
12. Crazy Now
13. You Said
14. Please Help Me
15. Too Tired To Cry
16. Stop Talking
17. The Empty Bed

Note that there are still two songs (“The Cold” and “Lookout”) that remain exclusive to the box set, so… maybe I’ll need to splurge for the deluxe editon after all.

But probably not.