Shawn Colvin Makes A Few Small Additions To Her 1997 Album

It’s probably fair to call Shawn Colvin a one hit wonder. After all, “Sunny Came Home” is really her only song that was a hit, breaking into the top ten on the US singles chart in 1997. On the strength of that song, she also landed a top 40 album with A Few Small Repairs.

Although she hasn’t had a hit album or single since then, Shawn Colvin has continued to release great music, putting new albums out every few years or so. Repairs was actually her fourth record. I got turned on to her music with her third album, Cover Girl, back in 1994. Although it wasn’t a “hit,” her cover of “Every Little Thing (He) Does Is Magic” did create some interest for it’s folksy, gender-bending twist on The Police song.

In 2015, Colvin released a Cover Girl sequel of sorts. Uncovered was a collection of twelve new cover songs, including tracks originally recorded by Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits. Fan will want to track down the Barnes & Noble edition of this album, which adds to retail exclusive bonus tracks.

Meanwhile, as we reach the 20th anniversary of A Few Small Repairs, a new deluxe edition has been announced for release on September 15. In addition to the original album’s 12 remastered tracks, the anniversary edition includes seven live tracks.

Here is the full track list for A Few Small Repairs:

01. Sunny Came Home
02. Get Out of This House
03. The Facts About Jimmy
04. You and The Mona Lisa
05. Trouble
06. I Want It Back
07. If I Were Brave
08. Wichita Skyline
09. 84,000 Different Delusions
10. Suicide Alley
11. New Thing Now
12. Nothin’ on Me
13. Sunny Came Home (Live at KFOG)
14. Trouble (Live from Columbia Records Radio Hour)
15. Get Out of This House (Live at KFOG)
16. The Facts About Jimmy (Live at the Ryman)
17. You and The Mona Lisa (Live at the Ryman)
18. If I Were Brave (Live from Columbia Records Radio Hour)
19. Ricochet in Time (Live at the Ryman)

True fans will want to check out the PledgeMusic campaign for the album, where you can get bonus items including a digital EP, a DVD with music videos and live performances, lyric sheets, and of course autographed copies of the album on CD or vinyl. There’s also unique bonuses like a coffee date with Shawn or a hand crafted voodoo doll. If any of that is your thing, Pledge away!