Now You See Her: Shania Twain Returns After 15 Year Hiatus

It’s hard to believe Shania Twain hasn’t released a new album since 2002. Up! was a massive worldwide blockbuster of an album, following 1997’s blockbuster album, Come On Over, both of which were Platinum sellers many times over.

When Twain’s breakthrough album came out in 1995, I was managing a record store in a mall. The Woman In Me was a huge seller at my store, which was no surprise since we were in the middle of Illinois farm country. I wasn’t a huge country music fan, but Shania Twain caught my attention if only for the fact that her album was produced by Mutt Lange, who was best known for his work on rock albums by acts like The Cars and Def Leppard.

So after a 15 year absence, Shania Twain is making her return to the country music (and likely crossover pop music) scene with Now. A complete track list has not been announced yet, but several song titles have been revealed, including “Swinging with My Eyes Closed,” “We Got Something They Don’t,” and “Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl?” The lead single is the optimistically titled “Life’s About to Get Good.”

Now is set for release on September 29. You can pre-order by clicking here.