Nine Inch Nails Second EP To Be First On CD

It looks like the second volume of the current Nine Inch Nails EP trilogy is set to be the first to be released on CD. Pre-orders are now available on Amazon for the Add Violence EP on CD, with a release date of October 13.

When it comes to physical music releases, Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor have been ignoring the CD format more often than not in recent years. While digital releases seem to be guaranteed, and vinyl seems to be preferred, there hasn’t been a CD release from Trent since the score for Gone Girl in 2014, or from NIN since Hesitation Marks in 2013. The closest we’ve come was the inclusion of “She’s Gone Away” on the Twin Peaks- The Return soundtrack CD that came out last week. That song originally appeared on the digital and vinyl Nine Inch Nails EP Not The Actual Events, which has not been announced for CD yet.

Incidentally, the Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross score to The Vietnam War was officially announced for both vinyl and CD, with a September 15 release date. However, with that date only days away, only the vinyl and digital versions are available for pre-order. The CD version remains unlisted… for now. (UPDATE: The CD was listed for ordering on the release date, September 15. Click here for details.)

Are you still a CD fan? Click here to pre-order Add Violence.