New Weezer Is On The Way… And Why Don’t I Like These Guys?

There’s a new Weezer album coming out on October 27. It’s called Pacific Daydream, and it includes the previous single, “Feels Like Summer” as well as a new song released today, “Mexican Fender.” Check out both songs below.

I know a lot of people will be excited by the news of a new Weezer album, and really, that’s why I’m reporting it here. But the truth of the matter is… I just don’t get these guys. I’ve got a few of their CDs, including the “blue album,” and I think they’re fine. But that’s it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in no way suggesting Weezer isn’t a good band or that you shouldn’t listen to their music. It’s just that I’m not into them. At all. The phrase many reviewers use in an effort not to disparage is “it’s not for me.”

Weezer is not for me.

Of course, there’s plenty of other music out there I’d say is not for me, and you have your own NFM bands, too. But my lack of interest in Weezer actually kind of bothers me. A lot of people whose taste in music I highly respect think Weezer is pretty great. I have friends that count Weezer among their favorite bands, and critics I follow who seem equally passionate.

What am I missing here?

That’s a rhetorical question, really. If something doesn’t appeal to your personal taste, there’s not much anyone could do to explain it to you so you’ll change your opinion. Oh, now I get it! Now I love Weezer! Sorry, that’s just not going to happen.

So… new Weezer is on the way. I hear these guys are good.

But it’s not for me.