New Madonna Live Album & Video May Frustrate Fans

Back in the day, Madonna was known as a trendsetter. Whatever the trend was at the moment, she’d go against it and blaze a new trail. In a way, she’s doing the same thing with her new live album and DVD/Bluray next month. She’s bucking the trend in terms of the bundles being offered… and it’s kind of frustrating.

On September 15, Madonna will release Rebel Heart Tour on CD, Bluray and combo packs.

It used to be that a live home video release did not necessarily coincide with a live CD release. Even when both were offered, they were rarely available as a bundle. For the past few years, CD/video bundles have become the standard. And that’s been great for fans. If one of your favorite artist puts out a live release, you’ll probably want both the video and the CD, right? With just about every recent live release I can recall, there’s been a deluxe bundle that gives you everything.

That’s not the case with Rebel Heart Tour. Yes, there are CD+Bluray combo packs, and there are separate CD-only and Bluray-only options. But frustratingly, the CD included with the video bundles is a highlights disc rather than full audio from the concert. If you want the whole show on CD, you’ll have to buy the 2CD set, which is not included in any combo pack. WTF?

So “I want it all” Madonna fans will have to buy both the stand-alone Bluray and the stand-alone 2CD set. True die-hard fans will want to pick up the 2CD set and one of the combo packs just so they can get both versions of the audio. Note, though, that all the performances on the highlights disc in the combo pack are included on the 2CD set, so there’s (thankfully) no unique audio on the single disc version of the CD.

Here is the track list for the 2CD version of Rebel Heart Tour. The tracks marked with an * are also included on the highlights disc in matching order:

Rebel Heart Tour (Disc 1):

01. Rebel Heart Tour Intro*
02. Iconic*
03. Bitch I’m Madonna*
04. Burning Up*
05. Holy Water/Vogue*
06. Devil Pray*
07. Body Shop
08. True Blue
09. Deeper And Deeper*
10. Heartbreak City*
11. Like A Virgin

Rebel Heart Tour (Disc 2):

01. Living For Love*
02. La Isla Bonita*
03. Dress You Up/Into The Groove
04. Rebel Heart*
05. Music
06. Candy Shop*
07. Material Girl
08. La Vie En Rose
09. Unapologetic Bitch*
10. Holiday*
11. Like A Prayer