Live TV Performances Earn Grammy Nominations

Since when does a live television performance qualify for a Grammy award nomination?

I’ve never seen a musical guest on a TV show receive an award nomination of any kind, but in the list of the 2017 Grammy nominees, three of the performances being honored are specifically from television broadcasts. While I agree that an excellent live performance deserves to be recognized in some way, I’m not sure it is an apples-to-apples comparison to have them compete alongside studio recordings.

Maybe it is time for a new “Best TV Performance” category on the Grammys… or on the Emmys!

For what it’s worth, Kelly Clarkson’s performance on American Idol was absolutely stunning. All things being equal, it is hard to argue with this being considered one of the “Best Pop Solo Performances” of the year.

Meanwhile, TV performances by Disturbed and Alabama Shakes will compete against studio recordings by Twenty-One Pilots, David Bowie and Beyoncé(!) for the Grammy for “Best Rock Performance.” See both of those clips below.