Lana Del Ray Channels Disney World’s Haunted Mansion In Album Teaser Video

Lana Del Ray started dropping hints about her next album about a month ago. It started with mysterious movie-style “Love” posters appearing around Los Angeles in mid-February. Days later, she released a video for a new song with that title.

This week, news broke that she had yet another collaboration with The Weeknd in the works entitled “Lust For Life.” Today, Del Ray revealed that that song will in fact be the title track from her new album.

There’s no release date yet, nor any track info beyond, we assume, the two songs already identified. What I find most striking about her teaser video, though, is how much it looks like a specific scene from the Haunted Mansion ride at Walt Disney World. Even the eerie background music evokes that of the classic dark ride.

Watch her video, and if you’re a Disney World fan, let me know if you see the same thing.


In case you missed it, here’s the first single from the album: