John Mayer plans to make waves with new music

John Mayer is promising big things in 2017. After teasing us with a new song back in November, it seemed an album announcement would be imminent.

But we now live in a digital era, and new music releases are becoming more and more unpredictable. Surprise album drops and digital-only releases are becoming commonplace. Now, Mayer is doing his part to shake up the new music release model.

On his Facebook page, Mayer gave a preview of his new music plans for the year. It appears he will be putting out a new album called “The Search For Everything”… but he’ll be releasing it four songs at a time beginning on January 20. He explained:

“Every month. There were too many songs to ever get out the door at once.”

The first “wave” includes the songs “Moving on and Getting Over,” “Changing,” the previously released “Love on the Weekend,” and “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me.” How many months/waves are planned is not specified, nor are plans for any physical release of the music.

While you’re waiting for the first wave, here’s John Mayer covering Beyoncé. Could a full album of Bey covers also be in his future?