It’s official: The New Beck Album Is Finally Coming Out!

There’s a new album on the way from Beck.

We have been saying that for over two years. It was June of 2015 when Beck dropped “Dreams,” the first new song from the follow-up to his excellent Grammy winning 2014 album, Morning Phase. There was no album info revealed or a release date, but we had to assume the record would appear before the end of the year, right?

Months passed. Many months passed. Then, more than a year later, the second single dropped in September 2016.

Still no album news.

Then, over the course of 2017, it finally started to sound like an album may actually appear. The title was revealed to be Colors. Later, October was suggested as the likely timeframe for release. And finally, this week, we get all the details, along with a third single:

Colors officially arrives on October 13. The album contains all three of the previously released songs (which at this point was not a certainty), plus seven more. Here’s the final track list:

01. Colors
02. 7th Heaven
03. I’m So Free
04. Dear Life
05. No Distraction
06. Dreams
07. Wow
08. Up All Night
09. Square One
10. Fix Me

Welcome back, Beck! What took you so long?