Hang A Historic Piece Of Pink Floyd On The Wall For A Comfortable Sum

The artwork of Gerald Scarfe is unarguably a significant part of what has made Pink Floyd’s album and film for The Wall so iconic in the history of rock and roll. His designs even extended to the original stage performances for the band’s extravagant and brief tour for The Wall in 1980-81. Even almost 40 years after the film’s release, thousands of college dorm rooms across the country likely have a patchouli scented poster of “The Scream” proudly displayed on the wall.

Now, the very richest Pink Floyd fans have an opportunity for the ultimate upgrade.

Eleven of Gerald Scarfe’s original paintings from Pink Floyd The Wall will be put up for sale this summer. In addition to “The Scream” from the film’s theatrical poster, other available paintings include iconic imagery of “The Teacher,” “The Mother,” “The Wife With Flaming Hair,” and the famous marching hammers.

An exhibition is planned at the San Francisco Art Exchange prior to the auction, so even fans without deep pockets will get a chance to see these pieces in the flesh.

Click here to view the complete collection.

Suddenly, the Scarfe autographed poster of Pink Floyd The Wall I bought on eBay many years ago seems… inadequate.