Deluxe Vinyl Set For New Ryan Adams Album Includes… Action Figures?

Some of my favorite artists are making it really hard for me not to embrace vinyl. Near the top of that list is Ryan Adams.

After skipping a CD release and going exclusively vinyl/digital for several EPs, live collections and vanity projects, Adams is going all out for the deluxe edition of his new album Prisoner. Yes, the album will be released on CD as well as standard vinyl on February 17. But the Prisoner: End of the World Edition is a whole lot of vinyl. I mean, a WHOLE LOT of vinyl.

This limited edition set is on sale today for fans on Adams’ mailing list. It goes on sale to everyone else tomorrow. At $150, it sounds a bit expensive, but it does include action figures, so… how can you not buy?

The full details of the set, directly from Ryan, are below. You can pre-order here.


• Twelve 7″ records (All 12 songs from Prisoner)
• 17 previously unreleased B-sides
• Each record is a different color with unique cover art
• Real working lights and sound!!
• Full band 2D action figures & stage accessories!!!
• Mega Amps!!! Felines !! Video Game!!! Pedal Board!! And MORE!!

BUT WAIT there’s more…

• All orders will receive Prisoner digitally on February 17th, 2017
• B-sides will be sent digitally when the End of World Edition ships

MORE surprises hidden inside, for you to figure out!

12 randomly selected box sets will contain a one-of-a-kind solo acoustic 7″ of one of Prisoner’s 12 tracks recorded direct-to-vinyl in the vintage Voice-O-Graph booth at Electric Lady studios. Only one single of each song exists and only one run of the Prisoner: End of World Edition will be ever be pressed.

Prisoner: End Of World Edition is expected to start shipping mid-March, 2017 and is limited to one per household.