Bob Dylan’s Third Collection of Classics is Three Times Bigger


For a man that recently won the Nobel Prize in literature, Bob Dylan sure seems to have run out of things to write about. His last two albums, Shadows In The Night and Fallen Angels, both featured cover versions of traditional songs from the great American songbook. His last album of original music was Tempest back in 2012.

Dylan’s penchant for the classics remains stronger than ever in 2017. On March 31, America’s greatest songwriter will release Triplicate, a three disc collection of music by many more of America’s greatest songwriters. (Pre-order here.) Triplicate will also be the first triple length studio recording in Dylan’s 50+ year career. Each individual disc in the set will also have its own title. The tracklists are below:

‘Til The Sun Goes Down

1. I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plans
2. September Of My Years
3. I Could Have Told You
4. Once Upon A Time
5. Stormy Weather
6. This Nearly Was Mine
7. That Old Feeling
8. It Gets Lonely Early
9. My One and Only Love
10. Trade Winds

Devil Dolls

1. Braggin’
2. As Time Goes By
3. Imagination
4. How Deep Is The Ocean
5. P. S. I Love You
6. The Best Is Yet To Come
7. But Beautiful
8. Here’s That Rainy Day
9. Where Is The One
10. There’s A Flaw In My Flue

Comin’ Home Late

1. Day In, Day Out
2. I Couldn’t Sleep A Wink Last Night
3. Sentimental Journey
4. Somewhere Along The Way
5. When The World Was Young
6. These Foolish Things
7. You Go To My Head
8. Stardust
9. It’s Funny To Everyone But Me
10. Why Was I Born

These sparse images shared on Dylan’s website may or may not be the final album art:

You probably have a pretty good idea what this album is going to sound like, but if this is your first exposure to “Dylan Does the Classics,” here’s a preview of the “new” music: