Artists To Watch: Angel Olsen

It’s probably a bit of a stretch to call an artist about to release a collection of rarities a “new artist” or “artist to watch.” Still, I think there’s a strong chance you’re not familiar with Angel Olsen. She’s had some great buzz on the music blogs for a couple years at least. Last year, I put My Woman on my top ten albums of 2016.

But clearly, Angel Olsen hasn’t broken through to the mainstream quite yet. So whether or not you consider her new, I think she’s still very much an Artist To Watch.

On November 10, Angel Olsen will release Phases, a collection of b-sides, rarities, demos and a few new songs. That’s exciting news if you’re already a fan. If this is your first time learning about Angel Olsen, I hope you enjoy these two selections from the upcoming album.

Here is the full track list for Phases:

01. Fly On Your Wall
02. Special
03. Only You
04. All Right Now
05. Sans
06. Sweet Dreams
07. California
08. Tougher Than The Rest
09. For You
10. How Many Dreams
11. May As Well
12. Endless Road

And once again, if you’re new to Angel Olsen, I highly recommend you pick up her My Woman. Like… now!